the shoulder can move more than any other joint in the body, but that range comes with a cost.  

The shouder isn't an enclosed "ball and socket" like the hip, it sits rather pecuriously more like a golf ball on a tee. If you experience problems with tendons, ligaments or muscles the ball can easily slip off it's "tee."

This is one of the contributing factors to why we so often hear about or experience shoulder injuries, and diagnosis of specific problems can often be tough to diagnose due to the large array of soft tissue present. Some of the most common suspects are:

  • Rotator Cuff Injuries: Sometimes caused in sports by throwing motions but also brought on by routine tasks that put sudden strain on the shoulder.
  • Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder): When scar tissue forms around the shoulder bringing about dull or aching pain and/or stiffness, loss of motion.
  • Slap Lesion: Or Superior Labral Tear to be precise is an injury to the cartilate that covers teh top of the shoulder's socket. Clicking sounds are commonly associated with slap lesion and although many motions can cause it, often an out-stretched arm receives a fall or similar motion to bring this on.
  • Shoulder Impingement Syndrome: Common in the elderly, reduced blood flow causes tissue decay that can limit range and cause pain until blood flow is restored.

Shoulder pain can often originate elsewhere in the body, including injuries related to the neck, lower back, hips and legs. If you have a sudden onset of pain you should seek immediate help from a medical professional, since pain in this region is also commonly associated with symptoms of cardiovascular disease. 

At Lombardo Chiropractic, we are experienced at determining the cause of shoulder discomfort and will perform a thorough diagnostic evaluation. Meet with our staff to map out a healing plan for your shoulder discomfort today!