Sciatic nerve pain can cause burning, cramping or numbness through the back, legs, feet, toes, buttocks  knees and calves. This pain can result from sciatic nerve roots that are scraped, irritated, stretched, twisted or pinched as they exit the spine. Additionally, the impairment itself can be chemical, physical or simply caused by the stress of everyday living. the sciatic nerves are the longest/largest in the body. They are roughly as thick as your thumb, and run down the back of each leg. Both of the nerves branch off the spinal cord before running down each leg.

Research shows that when treated with chiropractic adjustments, sciatica has a 8-9% greater recovery rate than if patients were to use therapy or standard medical care.

One of the most commonly seen causes of sciatic leg pain is Vertebral Subluxation Complex, often accompanied by the bulging or herniation of the soft discs in place between each spine bone sometimes causing pressure on the nerve roots exiting the spinal cord. Many report a "shooting" pain down one or both legs. Common treatments such as muscle relaxers, PT and surgery. The chiropractic approach is to carefully apply pressure to remove interference from the spinal structures.

The Lombardo Chiropractic Approach

We are experts in the care of bones, nerves, muscles and connective tissue. Together, this makes up about 60% of your entire body, as all the joint in your body are part of this musculo-skeletal system. We work with you and your other care professionals to keep you in good health through careful recommendations, specific adjustments and techniques designed around your health history, age, physical condition and lifestyle.


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