Most people have heard of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a very common syndrome caused by micro-traumas to the hands and wrists. Often associated with repetitve actions such as typing,

vibrations and manual tasks, carpal tunnel is common in assembly line workers, office workers and hobbyists alike. Symptoms include pain, tingling, numbness and weakness in the hands. One way to check if you may be suffering from carpal tunnel is by placing yoru hands back to back with your fingers facing the floor. If you experience an increase in numbness, tingling or pain there is an elevated chance you are experiencing carpal tunnel. 

At Lombardo Chiropractic, we will perform very specific tests to see if you have carpal tunnel, and also to see if spinal nerves are involved. This is because nerves that pass through the "carpal tunnel" exit the spine in the lower neck region. There is a major nerve controlling the index finger, a portion of the middle finger, ring finger and thumb. It starts at the tip of your fingers and goes right through the bones inside your wrist and up the length of your arm before traveling through the shoulder, neck and into the spinal column. This is one key reason specific hand, wrist and spinal adjustments can help alleviate the pain and symptoms associated with carpal tunnel.

As the median nerve traverses the wrist bones, it does so in the "carpal tunnel." Often bones inside the wrist collapse, resulting in inflammation, nerve pressure and ultimately pain. Further up the medial nerve we find a connection to the spinal cord through small openings between several lower neck bones. Similarly, when these bones lose their normal position/motion, problems can occur in the fingers and wrist.

Many patients at Lombardo Chiropractic have reported that specific adjustments where needed to reduce nerve irritation over time have produced excellent results with carpal tunnel problems, all without drugs or surgery.