Want to stay vertical? Eat right. A healthy diet—rich in fruits, vegetables and healthy fats—can help reduce inflammation
and joint pain. Limit red meat, refined sugar and white flour. Just a few simple changes can help maintain a healthy weight
and have a positive impact on your overall health.

Can't find you game? Doctors of chiropractic can help you by providing nutrition counseling, exercise recommendations,
lifestyle advice and natural approaches to treating aches and pains that don't involve drugs or surgery.

Doctors of chiropractic (DCs) across the country are celebrating National Chiropractic Health Month in October. Need to get
vertical? Ask your DC about natural approaches to good health and pain relief.

Even a few simple lifestyle changes can have a positive impact on your health and help you get vertical. For example, try
standing up when you talk on the phone. Consider visiting a doctor of chiropractic or www.chirohealthy.com for more tips.