We believe providing a positive experience to improve the lives of our patients is what makes Bennett Chiropractic Clinic a true healing center.
Say yes to chiropractic and say yes to health!  Please read what our patients are saying.

  • After an auto accident earlier this year, I went to Dr. Carl Bennett for help with the repercussions from the accident.  He was excellent in discerning the areas that needed adjustments.  After a few months under his care I am now feeling more quality of life.  Dr. Bennett is a caring and thoughtful doctor and I would highly recommend him.   – Elizabeth S.
  • I have known Dr. Carl Bennett for over 25 years and have always found him to be very sensitive to our family’s needs.  He just seems to have that magic touch a lot of doctors don’t have, and he’s always been there for my family with our health concerns.  Dr. Carl and his staff are caring, honest and knowledgable.  Let Bennett Chiropractic give you that personalized attention you deserve and you won’t be disappointed.  Thank you Doc!   – Hilma T.
  • You will love Dr. Bennett and his staff – they are an excellent team!  I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and Dr. Bennett has been able to adjust me without any additional pain and he has helped me greatly, so much that my neurologist even noted a difference on my MRI.  Make an appointment today!   – Bryna H.
  • Recently, I had the opportunity to have a one hour massage at Bennett Chiropractic Clinic by a young lady, Clare.  It was the BEST and I highly recommend her!   – Gail P.
  • Dr. Bennett was recommended to me by a massage therapist, back in April of 2007, when I was suffering from acute back pain (for which I could not account). He identified and alleviated the cause, almost immediately. I see him, as needed, occasionally with a ‘general’ complaint (before a specific point has reached my ‘level of awareness’). I have been fortunate in many ways, one of which is that his administrative staff has found ways for him to help me without undue delay. Dr. Bennett has been both compassionate and flexible. He is a big man and I am somewhat robust, but my late wife was not. She and I sometimes would share appointments, and Dr. Bennett’s approach to each of us was completely different. I haven’t thanked him for that before, but I do now.  I am grateful to have him as my chiropractor.    – Al D.
  • Dr. Bennett has been treating me for a few months now.  I went to him in such pain, he wasn’t even sure if he could help me.  After a few visits, he knew he could take me out of the excruciating pain I was in, and let me tell you, he did just that!  When I went to his office the first time (on a scale of 1-10) I was a 15, OUCH! I started out going three times a week, now only once a month for maintenance.  Thank you so much, Dr. Bennett, you are my new best friend!  Your kindness and professionalism (not to mention your wonderful administrative staff) are appreciated more than you’ll ever know!    – Linda A.
  • It’s been several months and I’ve had many traumatic events occur, but I did want to follow up and give you my written experience of receiving your kind and helpful services for almost nine months.  When I arrived at your office, my right hip was in constant pain.  I also had pain in my lower back and neck.  My worst problem by far was the right hip.  It was to the point that if I didn’t get relief and real correction, I believed that I was on my way to being at cripple at the age of 62.  Today I have no pain in my right hip.  I have limited rotation, but that is because of my lack of ability to exercise for so long.  I can now start working on increasing use of the hip without fear of injury.  This is all because you did not give up on me, even though you had to go through different modes of manipulations and devices to see success with me.  It took some time, but I believe it was your skill as a doctor, with a persistent genuine desire to help me that made it happen.  I know I wasn’t an easy case, and I wanted to say I appreciate so much your services.    – Sharon R.
  • Dr. Bennett has taken care of both myself and my husband. He has taken a grown man who could barely walk and in 15 minutes he is walking out the door, pain free, with a smile on his face and as for me, he has fixed things where I had learned to ignore the pain. He is calm and caring and just a great down to earth man. Excellent front office staff, never have to wait. I wish I could say more. Oooh I can. He is a great singer and he and his wife are sweet to Gods’ creatures human and animal. God Bless.    – Rhonda W